How to increase testosterone levels naturally:

Before talking about testosterone, you have to know about what is testosterone?

Well testosterone is one of the main male hormones (androgen). It also has in a small amount in woman body. This hormone is basically produced in male testicle and woman ovaries. It is a steroid based hormone play a big role for developing our nature, our body composition, muscle and our sexual organs. This hormone also change man’s vocal voice and increase the body hair growth. Testosterone can also develop male reproductive tissue such as tactical and prostate.


Low level of testosterone can affect our body and functions organs like erectile dysfunction. And it can reduce sex drive, which is a big problem now days. Low testosterone level can effect on your bone density and it also causes for weight gain and baldness problems, so you have to increase testosterone level and maintained it.


But testosterone cannot play a vital role only for male’s health but it can play a vital role for female’s health also. Testosterone helps to growth, maintenance and repair woman’s reproductive tissues, and bone mass.


As you age, your testosterone levels drop and testosterone reaches its peak at 20-30 years. Many fitness freak and bodybuilder rely heavily on testosterone although most people’s testosterone is usually secretive, to progress faster and achieve better results, we must maintain or increase testosterone levels.


But, it is not a good thing. Once your testosterone levels are above normal levels, Ce 300-1000 mg / dL can have a negative effect and the extra quality of hormones will be converted to estrogen, resulting in gynecomastia, baldness and body hair’s health. However, this situation will rarely occur in natural bodybuilders who use drugs and anabolic. So don’t worry.


In fitness, more testosterone emissions will be more beneficial for your muscles similarly, the higher the muscle mass, the higher the testosterone emission level fitness the role of testosterone in fitness and self-health is mainly reflected.


It’s a valuable question that how to increase testosterone level naturally in the best and effective way.


So, this article may very useful for you to increase the testosterone level, hopefully those remedies can successfully work in this.

Symptoms of low testosterone level:

The symptoms of testosterone drops are many and varied. Here are a few:

  1.             The desire has been minimized.
  2.             Mood disorder
  3.             Muscle weakness.
  4.             Fatigue
  5.             Reduced tolerance.
  6.             Depression.
  7.             Stress.
  8.             Erectile dysfunction.

Treatments for increase testosterone level naturally:

1. Multi-joint weight training:

A study show that exercise is one of the best ways to prevent any health related diseases. And also it can boost your testosterone level in a fast and natural way.


During heavy weight training with multiple joints, the muscle tissue often gets torn up and your body will recover the muscle tissue and grow secondary while you are resting. Of course, heavy training as you leave the gym will result in your testosterone secreting. You may have this experience. Exercise Your strength is very strong and even your desires will increase. Studies have shown that heavy exercise with multiple joints can effectively promote testosterone hormone elimination.


Multiple joint heavy weight training is recommended to do 3-4 times a week. We mentioned earlier that heavy weight is built into your ability (or some weight) if weight does not work well in the muscles, weight is invalid, and each the larger weights defined by the individual will be different.


      2. Train on an empty stomach:


Why train on an empty stomach? Quite simply, because it increases the levels of satisfaction hormones, a beneficial action that makes the effects of testosterone possible.


However, be careful not to take long training without eating anything.


      3. Reasonable aerial practice:


Many muscles prefer to improve cardiopulmonary function through aerobic, which is a very good event. However these aerobic exercises require moderate, excessive aerodynamic exercises that limit muscle growth (digestion).


Muscle “damage” means that you have to “sacrifice” testosterone levels, so your aerobic exercise must be moderate and reasonable, especially for people who need to get thin or muscular .Arabic exercise should not be too frequent. . It is recommended to do this 1-2 times a week; each time should not exceed 45 minutes.


      4. High-protein diet:


Eating protein can maintain muscle growth, but you may not know that protein also helps increase your testosterone levels. “You can supplement protein with pure whey protein powder or eggs to maintain testosterone emissions”


Also, the protein contained in carbohydrates has a good effect on the body organs such as the liver and kidneys and can maintain a high level of testosterone excretion. Such as quinoa


Consume at least 1 gram of protein per pound of weight and try about 30% of total calories daily from protein. Eating 1.14 grams of protein per pound of body weight. (The weight of the leech in the hospital can be measured, this is more accurate)


      5. Good fat intake:


Fat here refers to mostly healthy fats (unsaturated fats). Although saturated fats are considered unhealthy, there are some benefits, especially in maintaining muscle levels and maintaining testosterone levels. These fats create conditions for your testosterone excretion.


The calories brought in by saturated fat should be 10% of your daily calories. Bodybuilders need about 1 gram of calories from saturated fat. In addition, unsaturated fats are responsible for up to 10% of your body’s fat. These unsaturated fats are usually rich in fish foods. In short, the calories brought in by dietary fat should take 20% of your body, about 90 grams of fat.


      6. Limit sugar and alcohol consumption:


Diets with high glycemic index are not good for testosterone levels; They reduce it by 25% on average. A significant drop! To avoid this, opt for low glycemic rated foods!


Even when it comes to alcohol, a small amount of testosterone production has a negative effect. So limit your spending and keep alcohol for celebratory moments only!


Betting on fruits and vegetables


If you are wondering how to increase your testosterone naturally, know that there is nothing better than consuming a natural diet! Try to eat raw vegetables and fruits often; With this national diet, your body can only make testosterone.


      7. Scientific training plan:


Adjust at least 1-2 days of rest each week to maximize testosterone levels. If you are practicing 4-5 days a week, you should have a good rest day. This is the key to boosting your testosterone levels


      8. Morning sex activity:


If you feel lower testosterone affect your sex life, then you can change your sexual activity to the morning because man do have a spike in testosterone level between six and nine “o” clock in the morning. It cans boost your testosterone level. Also there are many benefits like men can feel more closeness of his partner’s relaxed body they feel more emotional attachment.


      9. Fat loses:


How to increase testosterone naturally and how can testosterone be raised naturally? Reduces fat because the higher your testosterone level is, the less you have. To lose fat, remove your diet for sugars, fruit juices, refined sugars and fructose; it should not exceed 25 grams per day. Avoid cookies, cereals, processed foods and lactose, but vegetables and fruits are also recommended.


By adopting these good habits, you will lose fat, but also lose weight. An interesting point, because you know that overweight people have lower testosterone levels than others.


So, bet a good diet and as you can see, your testosterone levels will rise!


      10. Use vitamins and zinc:


Vitamins A, B, C, D and E play a major role in the production of testosterone. You can find it in many foods like vegetables, fruits, lean meats and dried fruits. For vitamin D, get up in the sun!


Zinc-rich foods are beneficial for increasing your testosterone levels. So eating wheat, oysters, sesame seeds, red meat, broccoli, peanuts … your testosterone levels can be increased!


      11. Drink lots of water:


If vegetables and fruits are beneficial for boosting your testosterone levels, eat plenty of water! So remember to drink regularly throughout the day and your testosterone levels will improve


Many people who do bodybuilding ban fat from their diet, but that’s wrong! In fact, lipids are biologically essential and in building muscle. Daily fat intake is also essential for testosterone production. Among consumers, you can look for vegetable and raw polyunsaturated sources such as nuts, olive oil or avocados.


      12. 7-8 hours of sleep:


How can testosterone be raised naturally? Well rested! According to experts, sleep deprivation is responsible for about 10% reduction in testosterone.


On average, it is recommended to sleep 7 to 8 hours per night. Sleeping well will increase your testosterone production and make it easier for you to lose weight if you need it. Good sleep therefore has the double benefit, Relax


If you didn’t know, stress is bad for testosterone. In fact, during stress, the body releases cortisol, a hormone that stops the production of testosterone and increases fat production. So try doing some work on yourself or following relaxation exercises to increase your testosterone levels and become more relaxed!


      13. Stop smoking:


The use of tobacco, nicotine through smoking remains serious health problem. Too much smoking can harm your body part differently and effectively.


A study show that young generation consumes cigarettes and many harmful tobacco products.


Another study shows that 8% of the high school students are chain smoker. Smoking associated with many problems like lung cancer, many type of sex related problem, it also the main causes of low sex drive, erectile dysfunction.


The major salient clinical effects are the increased the risk and seventy of craves hyper thyroids and osteoporosis and reduce the fertility.


      14. Avoid process foods:


Now days we are addicted with process foods, every time populations adopt a western diet high in process foods. Those foods have major contribution for obesity, fatty leaver and many other problems. Those foods which have been processed chemical and made solely from refined ingredients and artificial substance, are what is generally knows as process foods. There are two types of process foods like machinery process foods and chemically process foods. There is a big difference in them, Butter cream that has been separated from the milk and churned. Fruit are cut from tress, foods are agriculture by machine, and those are example of machinery process foods. Chemically processed foods are more dangerous than machinery processed foods.


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I hope this article will be beneficial for increase testosterone level in a natural way.

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