In Reproductive Health My medicines are effective in tackling any form of infertility and strengthening the reproductive systems of males and females. They create an optimum environment for baby making. They enhance natural fertility. They rejuvenate the reproductive systems and restore normal, healthy sexual function and fertility to them. My herbal formulations have a legendary fame and mystique for their remarkable ability to restore and enhance fertility in males and females. Fertility is your birth night. For The Men They boost sperm count, encourage sperm production, strengthen penis erection, develop reproductive organs, boost testosterone, increase sexual desire, reduce enlarged prostate, speed up sperm mobility, extend ejaculation, activate the testis to produce healthy sperm, improve sperm health, repair damaged sperm cells, improve sperm quality, increase blood flow to the reproductive organs, and tackle any form of sexually transmitted infections (gonorrhea, syphilis, staphylococcus, urethritis). For The Women They cleanse the womb, boost ovulation, regulate menstruation, reduce menstrual pain, open blocked fallopian tubes, shrink fibroids, burst ovarian cysts, correct menstrual disorder, reduce excess prolactin, encourage inherent fertility, prevent miscarriages, clear leucorrhoea, ease endometriosis, dilate cervical adhesions, improve egg quality, eliminate antifertility or anti-conception worms (like ginisa, eru and latanlatan worms), balance hormones, reposition the womb, improve womb health and quality, enhance chances of natural pregnancy, improve health of the ovaries, encourage natural conception, get rid of germinal partches in the womb, provide ante-natal and post-natal care and tackle sexually transmitted infections (e.g.gonorrhea, Syphilis, staphylococcus) and their after-effects like pelvic inflammatory disorder(PID For Elders They reduce excess blood glucose permanently in diabetes, decrease blood pressure permanently in hypertension; restore functions back to paralyzed parts in stroke alleviate joint pains arthritis and rheumatism and enhance memory in dementia and Alzheimer. For Children  They eliminate chest congestion in cough, clear skin of any rash, enhance memory, promote growth, encourage voice opening, strengthen body and bone, maintain whole health, etc. For The Mother They promote breast milk production, supply nutrients to the mother for the baby to feed on etc.   For Beauty They beautify the skin, reverse ageing, maintain skin elasticity, reduce excess fat, enlarge some organs,etc.   For General Health They boost immune system to fight off any attack, increase body’s own production of blood, increase internal energy, balance hormones, clear chest of asthma/tuberculosis, dissolve and destroys cancerous tumors/growths, strengthen the body to carry out its activities, regulate functions in the body, alleviate ulcer, and eliminate pile/haemrrhoid.     Female fertility powder result within 9 month   - Balances hormones - Regulates menstruation - Boosts ovulation - Promotes conception and pregnancy -Shrinks fibroid within a week -Eliminates tumors in the body   Male reproductive powder (works within a week)   -Strengthens the penis -Boosts sperm count -Repairs damaged sperm -Boosts libido -Improves sperm quality -Boosts testosterone -Delays ejaculation   Fallopian tube blockage solution   -opens blocked fallopian tubes - invigorates female reproductive system   Irregular Menstruation Powder   -regulates menstruation - reduces menstrual pain   Vaginal discharge soap   -Stops itching -Eliminates vagina infections -tightens vaginal for better sex Ceased menses stimulation powder   -reduces prolactin -promotes menstruation -balances hormones I am here to serve you, your herbal expert and author, my herbal e-book or book which means soft copy or hard copy is coming soon.      
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