Multiple Myeloma Cure

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It’s Cured:

  • a persistent dull ache or specific areas of tenderness in your bones
  • weak bones that break (fracture) easily
  • tiredness, weakness and shortness of breath (caused by anaemia)
  • repeated infections
  • less commonly, bruising and unusual bleeding – such as frequent nosebleeds, bleeding gums and heavy periods

(30 days)

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  1. Iesha Mooney

    Multiple myeloma was a hell of disease that almost took my life It’s makes me feel a type of way about it, but after came across dr itua on the internet it’s makes me realize there is a hope for people like me to live again, I want to thank you dr for curing me with your herbal medicines in which I will be forever be grateful for till God call’s.

    Thank you dr itua for all that you do.

  2. Jeromy Lugo

    You are doing a great work dr itua, I have recommend 6 people to you with different types of disease and I thank you for helping as well, I’m grateful to say that you are a God sent and you keep your words.

    Thanks A lot.

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